Quiz: How Well Do You Know Teen Literary Couples?

Whether you're reading a romance or not, it's hard to get through a teen novel without some romantic drama! Test your memory of which characters broke up and which stayed together with this quiz about teen couples in books and comics by bloggers Alenka, Jessica, Justin, Dana, Amy, Amy and Rae.

Which couple meets in a cancer support group?
Which couple’s meet-cute involves the girl throwing a coffee in the boy’s face?
Which couple breaks up at the end of the book?
Which comic book couple meets playing hockey together?
Which couple almost breaks up because one of the pair has feelings for a werewolf?
Which comic book couple starts dating at summer camp?
Kirito and Asuna marry each other in a medieval fantasy world in which manga?
Which couple struggles to find a way to be together while facing an impending deportation?
In which book does the protagonist fall in love with their childhood best friend?
In which couple are both members children of supervillains?
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