Quiz: Going Up! Kids Books Set in Apartment Buildings

Welcome to the neighborhood! From Lorimer Street to Bronzeville, setting is key in these urban classics. How well do you know your way around?

The residents of Sunset Towers must solve a puzzle to inherit a fortune in this book.
Although he is best known as a poet, playwright and essayist, James Baldwin in 1976 published a children’s book set in Harlem called:
A Park Slope brownstone is home to this beloved picture book character.
In the 2020 Newbery Award-winning graphic novel New Kid by Jerry Craft, protagonist Jordan Banks and his parents share an apartment in which neighborhood of Manhattan?
A dumbwaiter is the perfect eavesdropping device in this book.
These spunky siblings live in a tenement on New York's Lower East Side.
The neighbors can’t resist the delicious scent of stew wafting through their building in this 2019 Caldecott Honor-winning title.
This New York City-based book is referenced in and served as inspiration for Jacqueline Woodson’s latest chapter book, Harbor Me.
Gwendolyn Brooks observed her neighborhood from her second-story apartment in Bronzeville and wrote poems inspired by what she saw. Which poem is NOT by Brooks?
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