Quiz: Chicago Music Trivia

This season of One Book, One Chicago, we're celebrating the theme of Music: The Beat of Our City through Greg Kot's book I'll Take You There. As we explore Chicago's rich musical heritage, we want to know, how well do you know Chicago music trivia? Take our quiz and find out, and if you want to learn more, be sure to attend one of our One Book, One Chicago events

Which of these Chicago-based record labels has existed the longest?
Which Chicago-born singer was the mother of comedian Maya Rudolph?
What inspired the name of the Chicago band Earth, Wind and Fire?
Which Chicago musician first became famous because of her appearance on the television show American Idol?
Which Chicago blues legend opened a club in Chicago because of a promise made to keep the Blues alive?
Which Chicago high school did Chance The Rapper attend?
Which of these popular Chicago music festivals is the longest running?
Which of these Chicago artists is NOT a member of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
Which of these rock bands did NOT get their start in the Chicago area?
Which Chicago hip hop artist once ran for political office?
Which UK indie rock band’s hit song is played when the Chicago Blackhawks score a goal?
Which Chicago folk singer, known as “The First Lady of the Children’s Folk Song,” has performed her songs on all seven continents?
Which Chicago musician has received the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award?
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