Grow Your Computer Skills with Chicago DigitalLearn

Do you need to build your computer skills?

Chicago DigitalLearn is the tool for you! The site contains short video courses (most under 20 minutes) to help you learn how to use a computer. Courses like "Getting Started on a Computer" and "Intro to Email" cover the basics. If you're a little more familiar with computers, we have courses like "Microsoft Word" and "Online Job Searching."

Once you sign up for an account, you can:

  • Take a quiz and get a personalized learning plan
  • Follow your progress and track your achievement
  • Repeat lessons and courses as a refresher
  • Print and keep certificates
  • Access transcripts of the lessons and extra materials to help you practice what you've learned.

Every day across Chicago, people struggle with the basic digital skills they need to navigate their lives. Whether it's someone searching for information on the internet or someone who needs to send an email with an attachment, these learners often come to us looking for help. Whatever the reason, Chicago DigitalLearn can teach people the skills they need to become confident computer users.